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February 18

Laurie & Ian Patching

Laurie & Ian Patching
“We have subsequently become a great supporter of the business referring family and friends to Andrew over the last 2-3 years. We were no different to your average Australian family our age, in that we had limited knowledge on what we were capable of doing and did not think we could afford to do anything.”
June 18

Andrew Hutton

Andrew Hutton
“As a long-term Australian expat, I have long wanted to get into the Australian property market. Thanks to Dr Andrew Unterweger I was able to comfortably enter the market, and I don’t think I could have done so on my own – lacking the necessary time and expertise. The process was quick and easy and, while it is still early days, I have started to learn about property markets as well.”
November 16

Dr G. Heise

Dr G. Heise
“Andrew was able to show me how to create additional investments through loan structures of which I was unaware. The service that Andrew and his team has provided meant that every aspect of the process was managed by them.”

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