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To many it might feel like the Sydney property market is difficult to penetrate in terms of property investments. Seeing as most suburbs within 50km of the city’s central business district have a median house price higher than $500 000, this sentiment is understandable. However, if you still want to reap the benefits of investing in Australia’s profitable property investment market, there are some great options, and today we’ll be looking at one of the best: Brisbane.


Why Brisbane

Recent projections show that the Brisbane property market is well on its way to showing some great growth opportunities for property investors. Paired with the fact that the amount of council areas in Greater Brisbane like Logan, Ipswitch and Moreton Bay have a large amount of suburbs with very affordable median house prices, means that it can give a great return for investors.


Invest closer to the CBD

If you feel that you want to invest in property that’s closer to a large CBD, you should consider Brisbane. One of the city suburbs, Bracken Ridge, has a median house price of $495 000, and is less than 20 kilometres from the city’s central business district. Better still, the suburb was also a beneficiary of the state-funded transport upgrade, which has helped to reduce commuting times.


Interstate migration

Due to the price discrepancies between cities like Sydney and Brisbane, we’ve been seeing a large amount of interstate migration, which makes sense. One of the strongest driving factors for people is affordability. When you combine Brisbane’s developed and affordable real estate offerings, it makes sense that more people are moving to this bustling city. This also means that if you are looking for a property to invest in that has tremendous potential, you should definitely keep your eyes on Brisbane.


We can help

If you are interested in investing in Brisbane’s growing property market, but not sure how to get started, we are just a click away. Contact us for more information about the investment opportunities available to you, and whether Brisbane will be the right fit for your property investment needs. Our team of investment specialists is ready and standing by to help you find the property that’s perfect for your investment objectives.