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Frequently Asked Questions

Property investment has been a proven way to build and enhance your personal wealth over the years. When investing in property it’s important to find the right property in the right location and that is what we are here to assist you with.

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When investing in property it is important to ensure that your investment loan is structured correctly based on your own personal financial situation and your investment goals. Our team at Aussie Property Guru can ensure this is handled for you.

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A key part of property investment is managing your cash flows by having an excellent tenant in your property. We work with highly experienced and professional property managers right across the country to ensure you have the right tenant in your property.

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Aussie Property Guru provides a comprehensive tailored service for each of our property investment clients, every time.

Please read through our questions and answers below and if you have a question about our services that we’ve not already addressed, please contact us at

Why should I invest in property?

Investment properties are a proven strategy to build long-term personal wealth. By working with professionals to select the right investment properties in the right locations, you can earn positive long-term returns.

Are houses or units better investments?

There is no simple answer to this question and we must take a variety of factors into account. This includes your own preferences, financial situation and goals. It is also dependent on the location and the preference of your potential tenants. As we explore the best areas to invest in, we will guide you through the process of deciding whether a house or unit would be more suitable for you to invest in.

Can I buy more than one property at a time?

Yes, you certainly can and we will advise you on the best way to allocate your capital across different properties in different areas. There are a number of key considerations to be mindful of including tax implications and cash flow – we can guide you through each step of this process.

How does Aussie Property Guru advise me on the right property to buy?

Our team at Aussie Property Guru conduct comprehensive research and due diligence on property markets right across Australia. We have access to major research houses plus our own in-house analysis to identify the right locations that are primed for capital growth. We can then use this valuable information to guide you through which type of property to invest in and the most attractive location for investment returns.

Can I use the equity in my existing property as a deposit?

If you’re owned your own home or an investment property for a number of years, there’s a good chance you will have built up substantial equity. As an example, if you purchased your property for $400,000 and your property value is currently $600,000, then you would have $200,000 in equity. Instead of using your cash as a deposit, we can assist you to use your current equity as a deposit on your next property.

What is negative gearing?

Negative gearing is when the costs of owning your property – including bank interest, repayments, charges and other property costs – exceed the rental income. Negative gearing can be a useful strategy if you have other Australian income.

What is positive gearing?

Positive gearing is when the rental income earned on your property exceeds the costs of owning it. It is important to note that you may be subject to tax payable on the income from your positively geared property.

I’ve heard negative gearing may be abolished. Should I be concerned?

Negative gearing has been a property strategy available to investors for over 20 years. The Government made the costly mistake in the 1980’s of abolishing the ability for investors to claim interest losses from their rental property against other income. This led to massive turmoil and many investors exited the markets rapidly. We personally believe it is unlikely the Government would make this error again.

How much of my property value can I borrow?

Typically, as an expatriate or foreign national, you can borrow up to 80% of the value of the property from a range of lenders in Australia and overseas. We also have special arrangements in place for those working in specific sectors to borrow up to 90% of the value of the property.

Is an interest-only loan a good idea for my property investment?

When you are investing in Australian property and renting it out to your tenant, all of the interest costs associated with your property loan are tax deductible, while the principal repayments are not. It often makes the most sense to opt for an interest-only loan to keep your funds available for other investments. We can advise you on the best approach for you based on your own situation.

What is depreciation and how does this benefit me?

Depreciation is referred to as the method by which the general ‘wear and tear’ on your property is written down over a period of time and claimed against your rental income. Construction can also be depreciated for newer properties making them an attractive investment opportunity for the right investor.

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